Multi-Site Optimization to Drive Value Creation in Chevron

24 mins

The vision should be one of an asset, or portfolio of assets, that exists in the context of, and is synchronized with, its supply chains and surrounding business environment. The asset(s) together with its supply chain should continuously respond in unison to market signals, disturbances, and optimize holistically.

Since the early 1980s Chevron has developed and continued to enhance its proprietary linear programming (LP) technology, Petro, to select the most profitable raw materials, evaluate product options, optimize refinery processes, and promote efficient capital investments across its global refining network. Key to this has been the use of Petro, with its highly efficient multi-location modeling methodology, to optimize raw materials and product supplies between refinery sites.

This webinar showcases how Chevron drives transformational value through multi-site optimization, and how development of associated people and business processes have accompanied evolution of the technology.