Managing The Crew Change Through Coupling of First Principles Simulation, Digital Platforms, AI and ML

1 hour

Simulation programs have historically been run on PCs as fully self-contained programs. The UI, calculation codes and calculations themselves have all been part of the same program on the PC itself, perhaps reading and writing against databases, file stores on the network or reading process data from plant information management systems. But the computing world is changing and many programs are now hosted in the Cloud. Building and running simulation cases is done through a web browser and calculations run without UIs in wrappers called Containers, accessed through web interfaces. Data lives in cloud data stores.

The immense computer power of the Cloud and ability to multi-thread simulation technology for parallel processing has opened up the potential to run tens of thousands of simulations, with hundreds at a time, over short time periods in an automated manner – in doing so creating unprecedented levels of codified asset knowledge able to be applied at scale.

This webinar with KBC CTO, Mike Aylott, will showcase the huge potential for AI/ML algorithms to be utilized and scaled more widely when coupled/trained by first principles simulation, with major benefits in how simulation is used in:

  • Automated model building, maintenance and continuous deviation analysis
  • Integrated reliability and predictive equipment availability with planning and optimization
  • Equipment fouling propensity predictions.