Introduction to HCR-SIM

1 hour

Refiners rely on process simulation models to better understand reactor technologies so that they can improve the unit operations and profitability in the refineries.

HCR-SIM® adds value to a refinery. It allows better management of the feedstocks and the operating severity of the unit. The first principles kinetic model provides the ability to operate without catalyst activity being wasted or limited, meaning that the hydrocracker unit can run effectively and achieve the cycle length target.

HCR-SIM model is configurable for different hydrocracking reactor configurations with separation and product fractionation. The model is embedded in Petro-SIM® for refinery-wide and extended functionality.

The focus of this webinar is a brief introduction to HCR-SIM and its capabilities. Join this webinar with Kris Mattenson, Global Software Consultant, to learn how HCR-SIM can provide decision support to help answer:

  • How can a consistent set of yields vectors be generated for different feeds and severities for use in the refinery LP?
  • What are the most profitable feeds for the hydrocracker, taking into account product yields, hydrogen requirements, and catalyst life?
  • How can catalyst deactivation be accurately monitored?
  • How to predict unit performance for improved profitability and catalyst activity management?

We will also take you through a demo which will include using the wizards to build base cases & application workbooks and to illustrate different types of predictions that can be run.