Remote Operating Centers - In Technology Alone We Fail

15 mins

Remote operations centres (ROCs) have become common practice in the Energy and Chemicals industries in the pursuit of autonomous operations as part of digital transformation programs. This has been mainly to keep people out of harm's way, but also to optimize multi-site operations by maximizing the effectiveness of increasingly scarce expertise, as well as accelerated knowledge transfer.

However, there is a lot of complexity in creating ROCs; technology alone is just an enabler. An integrated, multi-faceted approach is needed which focuses on people, technology and processes, along with how each of these interface with each other as well as with the physical assets themselves. The key to success is in how deep capabilities in real-time data capture and processing, information flows and integrated execution are brought together with operational excellence workflow best practices, simulation/modelling capabilities, technical savvy and knowledge of business value drivers in a holistic way. And to make it stick through effective change management.

During this webinar these concepts will be explained through a case study with the following key takeaways:

  • The journey to autonomous operations and what it looks like
  • Key considerations and pitfalls to watch for
  • The value associated with ROCs