How to Unify and Show Data from Different Sources in a Single Simulation

1 hour

Do you want to run your simulation with multiple data sources? Do you need to test the calibration with multiple cases? Wouldn’t you prefer a systematic approach to process data, transferring knowledge from people into a digital solution?

The Data Set Analysis tool is a utility embedded in Petro-SIM® that allows process simulator engineers to collect information scattered on different sources e.g. process historian, excel workbooks, model database repositories and Petro-SIM cases.

In this webinar we will cover:

  • Examples on how to collect and organize the information from different sources and work proficiently with it
  • How the Data Set Analysis tool processes the different data and uses it to create monitoring, reports, calibration cases, and perform case studies using different data sets
  • The benefits of having all your data sources integrated into a single solution to reduce maintenance efforts, simplify knowledge transfer and training, and provide a systematic approach to validate your data