How to Reconcile Data for Process Units in Near Real-time

1 hour

Many oil and gas companies lose thousands of dollars regularly due to the challenge of managing, tracking, and sustaining site-wide accounting data. Contributing to this is the standard activity of calculating mass balances at the end of the month, creating a delay in trouble shooting issues. What if you were able to more frequently reconcile your process unit data, allowing you to spot issues in near real-time to take correction action immediately? Now you can with the Process Unit Data Reconciliation Monitor in Visual MESA® Production Accounting.

The calculations performed by this module build a comprehensive mass balance reconciliation system for closing hourly/daily individual process unit mass balances to provide a single version of truth.

Key takeaways:

  • Learn how to calculate site-wide or unit-wide, daily/hourly, mass/volume/energy balances, on a unit-by-unit level for both the hydrocarbon and the utilities systems
  • Understand how to monitor a process unit in detail and what the dependent factors are e.g. flow meters
  • See a demo of the Process Unit Data Reconciliation Monitor in Visual MESA Production Accounting and understand what the tool can do for you and the types of problems it helps solve