How To Minimize Errors During Oil and Gas Production

1 hour

The oil and gas production supply chain typically consists of diverse teams working in silo with their own goals, targets, and software. The lack of cohesive working reduces communication and collaboration which leads to misunderstandings or missed details making errors more likely to occur. The fragmented nature of siloed teams increases the likelihood of errors going unnoticed and being perpetuated throughout the supply chain. These errors can ultimately result in misestimating values, jeopardizing the efficiency, profitability, and sustainability of the entire operation.

Discover the advantages of combining reservoir management, facility operations, well operations, and flow assurance, using a comprehensive digital twin solution to give a holistic view of operations and minimize expenditure over the asset lifecycle.

Join Uwais Zuraidi, Technology Services Consultant at KBC, where you will learn about the KBC Integrated Asset Model (IAM), that will help you:

  • Reduce data transfer errors and ensure consistency by utilizing a common basis, assumptions, and thermodynamics model for a unified approach
  • Assess the impact of changes in real-time with a holistic view of how different components of your operations interact and affect each other to proactively address issues and maximize opportunities
  • Accelerate production, maximize recovery and improve cost-effectiveness with enhanced visibility and early warning capabilities to optimize decision making
  • Streamline workflows and improve collaboration across diverse teams by everyone using a unified platform

IAM is Multiflash® and Maximus® embedded in Petro-SIM® to deliver a comprehensive and unified digital twin solution for simulation, optimization, and analysis.