Digital Twin - The Journey Towards Autonomous Operations

1 hour

This webinar will profile how digital twin technologies are moving process industries towards autonomous operations. A digital twin works in the present, mirroring the actual human, device, system or process in simulated mode, but with full knowledge of its historical performance and accurate understanding of its future potential. It consumes data from connected sensors to tell a richer story – past, present, and future – about an asset throughout its lifecycle. It enables people to see inside assets and processes to perceive things that are not immediately apparent and which are not being directly measured. It is implemented, such that insights are instantly available without data and model wrangling by end-users, and operate in a consistent way that everyone can understand and agree on.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • What is a digital twin?
  • How to transform your business model using digital twins
  • The present and sustained value of digital twins
  • Practical case studies of how digital twin technology is being applied right now