Better Decisions, Faster – How Good Data Powers Valero

45 mins

Having accurate information available to share across the organization is a crucial enabler for how first quartile operations run safely, reliably, and profitably. Valero’s refining portfolio comprises 14 refineries of varying complexities, which makes having ‘good data’ around each process unit important to achieving the goals of the organization. Improving the quality of the data continues to be an ongoing multi-year journey involving the standardization of underlying systems. This is enabling good data to be utilized for unit monitoring, optimization, and strategic studies. A high-level goal of the initiative is to understand how the plant operated yesterday, as well as to provide insight for how it should be operated today and tomorrow.

In this webinar Valero will:

  • Share its early steps in its digitalization journey around unit operations
  • Highlight how certain key technology and process improvements have allowed data to flow from the board room to frontline operations and all departments in between to support better decisions, faster