Achieving Optimization Even With Renewable Energy Variability

1 hour

For the hydrocarbon process industries, the evolution to carbon neutrality, whilst maintaining optimum performance is a business imperative. With increasing choices of renewables, electricity intensive equipment, distributed suppliers and energy storage systems, industrial utilities are taking the lead in the energy transition. Balancing this decarbonization change with the need for a stable lowest cost steam, power, water and hydrogen supply now means predicting the future. Only by knowing the real-time optimization levers and predicting the weather, power and fuels prices, batteries, storage options, equipment availability and demand forecasts can a true business optimal be found now and the future.

Join Carlos Ruiz, Visual MESA® Product Champion, for this webinar where he will:

  • Examine how the Visual MESA Energy Management System energy digital twin supports business decisions to optimally manage renewable, conventional and combined energy systems, including storage, batteries and hydrogen.
  • Cover the Visual MESA Energy Management System Multi-Period Optimization capabilities that provide both, offline and automatic future scheduling execution in real time, helping to cope with the renewable energy production inherent variability.