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Addressing the Importance of Energy Efficiency

Jun 25, 2018
Written by Tim Shire, New Solution Strategy and Launch

We’ve discussed how cloud technologies can benefit the Hydrocarbon Industry with regards to connecting site data with remotely located experts, and providing support where the in-house workforce is limited in skillset. But how does the industry ensure it manages the energy and carbon emissions of their plants, which is a hotly debated issue within the industry today?

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Reliability Engineers are Wasting Your Time Only Telling You About Reliability

May 23, 2018
Written by Andrew Normand, Global Product Manager

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Why Optimization Programs Are Critical for the Survival of Marginal Refiners

Apr 19, 2018
Written by Duncan Micklem, Strategy Director

The global refining industry is constantly evolving and responding to new crude supplies and sources, more stringent fuel/product specifications, perpetually changing demand patterns and other trends. Increased competition from large, efficient refineries is forcing small- to mid-sized refiners to rethink their approaches to remain competitive. With this in mind, aggressive optimization programs have become a very attractive strategy for marginal refiners. Here, Duncan Micklem, strategy director at KBC, takes a look at the key benefits of such programs and explains why they are key for survival.

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How Is The Use of Simulation Changing to Enhance Plant Operations?

Mar 19, 2018
Written by Tim Shire, New Solution Strategy and Launch

The use of simulation in the oil and gas industry is nothing new. Such tools have been widespread for more than 25 years, and as technology continues to develop, the level of intelligence of simulation systems has risen. Here, Tim Shire, New Solution Strategy and Launch at KBC, explains how simulation is changing from an occasional engineering tool into a core pillar of daily asset monitoring and a key source of inputs to big data analytics.