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How Digitalization is Helping Companies Big and Small

Mar 03, 2021
Written by Louise Maratos, KBC Consulting Operations for the Europe, FSU and Africa (EFA) region

Louise Maratos talks how digitalization is helping companies big and small. Currently leading the EFA Consulting delivery team she tells of her experience as an engineer, keeping up with technology, maintaining focus and clearing the mind with the freedom found in work/life balancing.

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A Perfect Storm of Events

Jan 11, 2021
Written by Andy Howell, CEO; Russell Byfield, Global Simulation Business Leader

The Oil & Gas industry has had to deal with a lot of situations that have come all at once. How will you take advantage of the opportunities and manage the risks?

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The Digital Acceleration of 2020

Dec 07, 2020
Written by Jon Allwood, Head of Asset and Digital Transformation

2020 has been a challenging year and has certainly accelerated everyone’s digital journey. Read on to understand why short-term productivity, efficiency optimization, digitalization and energy transition are key for the industry's survival.

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Digital Twins Allow a Better Future to be Developed

Jul 23, 2020
Written by Duncan Micklem, Executive Vice President Marketing

The digital twin is by far the most powerful and disruptive of emerging technologies in the process industries today. Taking data from multiple sources, a digital twin can tell a richer story - past, present and future - to achieve superior results.

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Behind the Digitalization Curve

Jun 11, 2020
Written by Ross Whyte, Business Development Manager, Upstream Digital Solutions

The North Sea is a global center of excellence for sub-sea. Yet it appears to be behind the curve in digitalization in terms of collaboration and the sharing of data. Is it too late for the UK North Sea to flourish as it once did?

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Enhancing Mercury Prediction

May 18, 2020
Written by Alessandro Speranza, Product Champion, PVT Technology

A progress update on a research project that was to generate new data for enhanced prediction of mercury solubility in oil and gas processing activities.

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The Right Decisions in Abnormal Situations

May 13, 2020
Written by Sanjay Bhargava, Principal Consultant

Do you have an accurate representation of your plant to drive the right decisions in your organization at this critical time?

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Digitalization Exposed

Apr 22, 2020
Written by Stephen George, Chief Economist; Mark Routt, Chief Economist Americas

With an increased awareness of digitalization, the pace of business’ digital strategy is accelerating. Digital Twins are becoming core to business success and will drive operational excellence and give an organization’s single point of “truth".

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Disruption of Value Chain Optimization

Apr 01, 2020
Written by Duncan Micklem, Executive Vice President Marketing

Value chain manufacturing is pivoting from optimizing return on capital employed, to optimizing production to address industry’s license to operate.

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Driving Innovation and Enterprise Resilience

Mar 27, 2020
Written by Duncan Micklem, Executive Vice President Marketing

Every cloud has a silver lining. If there’s anything positive to take away from the COVID-19 situation, it’s that it forces innovation and enterprise resilience.

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How Technology Can Aid Sustainability

Mar 03, 2020
Written by Pablo Jimenez-Asenjo, Visual MESA Global Business Line Leader

In a recent interview with Pablo Jimenez-Asenjo on his new role, leading the Visual Mesa technology business, we asked him how technology can aid sustainability and its economic, environmental and social elements.

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Why Bother with a Digital Twin?

Sep 04, 2019
Written by Joseph Ting and Duncan Micklem

Digital twin technology is not a new trend in the energy industry, yet there is still a lot of confusion as to what exactly these twins are and what is their use value. Here we provide an overview of the role of digital twins in the modern energy, chemical, and process manufacturing industries.