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Announcing Yokogawa’s acquisition of KBC

Apr 7, 2016

We are extremely excited about what the future holds for KBC with Yokogawa. Yokogawa recognizes the strength of KBC’s technology, consultants and leadership and will invest in KBC’s future success. Whilst we are coming together with Yokogawa as a wholly-owned subsidiary, Yokogawa admires and recognizes the strength of the KBC brand and will maintain and invest in it.

All current contractual obligations between KBC or its subsidiaries and clients and partners and other third parties will continue to be honored, with no change to terms and conditions for contracted and ongoing product and / or service obligations.

The integration of KBC’s distinct consulting and software capabilities with Yokogawa’s excellence in the industrial automation field will ensure we continue to deliver superior results for our clients which are sustained over the long term. With Yokogawa we are able to accelerate our strategy which is centered on making our clients world-class in terms of operational excellence and profitability.

Joining Yokogawa brings a unique dimension to KBC’s market offerings. Combining both companies’ services widens the range of KBC’s service portfolio from premium consulting services to simulation software, control systems and sensors, allowing us to improve clients’ efficiency from management to the field, focusing on the entire lifecycle of our clients’ assets. As a result, we will be able to focus more on ultimate value to our clients. We are excited to be taking our next step towards being the most innovative technology-based consulting company for hydrocarbon facilities – solving our client’s toughest challenges.

Andrew Howell, Chief Executive Officer
KBC Advanced Technologies

Commenting on the acquisition, Takashi Nishijima, President and CEO of Yokogawa, said:
"We have long admired KBC's successful consulting business and sophisticated software capabilities and we are excited about this acquisition and partnership that will enable KBC to develop and broaden its business. Together, we can provide a one-stop solution that we believe clients will value highly. This kind of integrated service will not only create value for clients but also drive technological innovation and ensure that the Yokogawa group remains at the forefront of the industry. Expanding our Advanced Solution business is a strategic priority for Yokogawa and KBC is the ideal partner for us to achieve this goal."

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