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KBC announces reseller agreement with Billington Process Technology AS

Nov 2, 2015

KBC, a leading consultancy and software provider to the hydrocarbon industry, and Billington Process Technology AS (“BPT”) are pleased to announce that they have expanded the reseller agreement entered into in November 2014 to include the full suite of BPT’s Apps for Process Simulation.

BPT’s Apps for Process Simulation assist process engineers by allowing them to improve accuracy of their simulation models to improve overall efficiency. BPT-MWF reduces the time needed to create and run simulation models. BPT-CODES and BPT-TEX make models with compressors and expanders more accurate. BPT-PSX improves the accuracy of models that assess how asset safety equipment will perform and is particularly useful when combined with BPT-OLX and a multiphase pipeline model.

KBC’s CEO, Andrew Howell, said, "The addition of the full suite of BPT’s Apps for Process Simulation in our Petro-SIM process simulation suite is excellent news for our clients and the upstream production market segments. In these difficult times with low oil prices, operators and engineering companies alike need to be more efficient in their execution of studies and obtain maximum benefit with minimum investment. Use of these Apps within Petro-SIM will contribute significantly to these efforts. This expansion further confirms KBC’s vision of creating an open platform environment in Petro-SIM where third parties can develop and integrate plug-ins to expand the capability of KBC’s process simulation ecosystem.”

Billington Process Technology’s CEO, Per Billington, commented, "We are excited to release the full suite of our Apps for Process Simulation with Petro-SIM. This agreement strengthens our collaboration with KBC and allows Petro-SIM users to be more efficient and deliver higher value results. Whilst we remain independent, BPT can now support operators, engineering companies and process design houses that use the process simulation tools from KBC in combination with our Apps."

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