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KBC announces exclusive relationship with EQUIPSYS for improved efficiency and rigor in automated process design across the energy and chemicals industries

Apr 4, 2017

KBC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yokogawa Electric Corporation, is today pleased to announce an exclusive relationship with EQUIPSYS, a premier provider of process equipment design and plant monitoring software, to integrate their Petro-SIZE process design modules with KBC’s market-leading process simulator Petro-SIM. This relationship will greatly enhance the integrated Petro-SIM engineering environment for a holistic approach to equipment sizing and rating in process design and troubleshooting across the upstream oil and gas, oil refining and petrochemicals industries.

Petro-SIZE is a state-of-the-art robust software application for process equipment sizing and rating to assist plant engineers and operators with daily plant troubleshooting and facility design. It includes over ninety calculation modules across many types of process equipment offerings, in particular, a unique and powerful optimization engine for separation vessels within upstream oil and gas production and oil refining industries.

Petro-SIM is the leading rigorous steady-state and dynamic process simulation and optimization software product for design and optimization across the upstream oil and gas, gas processing, oil refining and petrochemicals industries. Petro-SIM’s unique open platform architecture promotes exceptional levels of integration and collaboration between project teams in an intelligent and user friendly environment. The integration announced today is seamless within the Petro-SIM environment.

For upstream oil and gas, Petro-SIM is the only purpose-built simulation software that combines the rich DNA of process simulation and PVT fluids with unique Life of Field scenarios to ensure that facility processing capabilities meet the long term needs of the reservoir.

In oil refining and petrochemicals, Petro-SIM is the only proven simulator that scales from the reactor unit to the entire refinery-wide facility through KBC’s world-leading SIM Reactor Suite embedded fully to provide the unique capability to model plant-wide simulations from crude straight to products to the required level of granularity.

The inter-operability mechanism between Petro-SIM and Petro-SIZE has already been developed, tested and is available immediately to license with Petro-SIM. The Petro-SIZE technology is also available immediately for licensing on a standalone basis from KBC.

“We are very excited to enter into this agreement with EQUIPSYS,” said Andy Howell, CEO at KBC. “The combination of best-in-class engineering technologies such as Petro-SIZE with our leading process simulator, Petro-SIM, in a truly integrated environment with native database and workflow engine capability, means our clients can easily incorporate their custom workflows and design standards. This will drive truly game-changing results in user efficiency and usability across the engineering industry”.

Mehryar Beyk, CEO at EQUIPSYS added, “We are delighted to be working exclusively with KBC as we share their vision of an open simulation platform focused on science and engineering workflows from engineering design to operations. KBC’s strong heritage and expertise in the oil and gas sector will allow us to bring our innovative Petro-SIZE process design package immediately to a wider market through the Petro-SIM technology.”

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