Latest Production Accounting Software Unifies and Automates Mass Balance and Data Reconciliation

Nov 21, 2022

KBC launches Visual MESA Production Accounting 4.2 to facilitate data visualization and engineering balances in oil, gas, and chemical environments.

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KBC Announces Update for Multiflash Modeling Software

Nov 7, 2022

Version 7.3 enhancements streamline workflows and automate model predictions to help industry partners meet net-zero goals.

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KBC Releases Petro-SIM 7.3 Technology to Optimize Refinery and Petrochemical Operations

Aug 18, 2022

Digital twin boosts decarbonization, the key to the renewable energy transition.

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KBC Launches Maximus 7.3 Software to Enhance Flow Assurance

Jul 4, 2022

Enhanced modeling solution optimizes design and operations strategies.

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KBC accredited with Cyber Essentials Plus

Jan 31, 2022

Accreditation demonstrates KBC's investment in security

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KBC Partners with The Consultant Co to Deliver Consulting and Software Solutions in Kuwait

Jan 25, 2022

KBC Partners with The Consultant Co. to Deliver Consulting and Software Solutions in Kuwait.

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KBC Enhances Visual MESA Energy Management Suite to Support Energy Transition to Carbon Neutrality

Sep 22, 2021

Energy digital twin provides single version of the truth across all energy related operations for optimal scheduling, real time optimization, and monitoring.

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KBC Releases New Version of Process Simulation Technology to Support Green Energy

Jul 28, 2021

Petro-SIM 7.2 software supports roadmap development for decarbonization strategies.

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KBC Releases Enhanced Software That Takes the Guess Work Out of Fluid Predictions to Optimize Production and Processing

Jul 20, 2021

Multiflash 7.2 production modeling technology removes the barrier between design and operations.

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