Carbon Capture Study

This paper discusses the analysis of carbon capturing technologies, specifically CO2 capturing from flue gases using different amine solvent formulations.

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Training quality assessment in the process industry

The benefits and what’s involved in a structured assessment process.

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Generating cost reduction in the supply chain by coupling surface facilities with reservoir data in integrated asset modelling

Use integrated asset modelling for fast and robust life of field evaluation to ensure the right decisions are made at the right time based on the right information.

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Right size gas turbines for upstream compression systems

Avoid the pitfalls of either oversizing the equipment due to being too conservative, or constraining the system due to failure to account for all the factors.

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Impact of light tight oils on distillate hydrotreater operation

Light tight oil formations are providing a new crude source to North America and soon to the world, with the construction of condensate splitters in the US Gulf Coast and the announcement that the US government was lifting the crude export ban.

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Electric vehicles are coming, but their impact will be evolutionary not revolutionary

The replacement of the internal combustion engine with alternatively-fueled vehicles makes for compelling political sound bites, but reality is quite different. We are far from generating enough renewable energy even to meet today’s base load electrical demand. Changes in transport fuel demand will come incrementally rather than suddenly and because the slow pace of change wont support major capital projects focus is on intelligent value chain optimization.

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Delivering better decisions faster for planning, scheduling and trading of energy

Across organizations, decision-making should be about seeking to improve performance. The challenge is that decisions comprise of different layers of factors, all on different timescales, each with different levels of uncertainty and varying degrees of impact. In the decision-making process, four key areas are being improved: data, situational awareness, analytics, foresight. New technology is advancing and interconnecting these areas for faster decisions with reduced uncertainty.

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Co-Pilot: Operational-excellence-as-a-Service

We have been applying a structured margin optimization methodology, taking into account process, energy and reliability interactions, for many years but now digitalization technologies offer new and disruptive solutions. This paper, presented at Gastech 18, discusses resolution of the broader process industry challenges as well as a focus on the unique LNG industry issues.

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ARC view on KBC Petro-SIM

ARC's view on Petro-SIM in value engineering and value chain optimization.

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Silo busting with the Digital Twin

Information silos can harbor significant in-efficiencies and hinder the achievement of operational excellence. Coupled with the desire for a single source of truth, the key to change is a digital twin that works.

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