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Operationalizing a Digital Twin


30 mins

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With many stakeholders in the operations planning process, different tools being used and different datasets it’s likely there will discrepancies interpreting the production results, making it harder to decide on the best improvements.

A digital twin works in the present, mirroring the actual device, system or process in simulated mode, but with full knowledge of its historical performance and accurate understanding of its future potential. The digital twin allows “What if?” and “What’s best?” scenarios to be run automatically to determine available strategies that maximize profitability, enabling you to make better decisions, faster.

Join this webinar which looks at operationalizing a digital twin in the context of Unit Performance Monitoring and will cover:

  • The role of Digital Twin and effective decision-making
  • Impediments to the current unit monitoring process
  • Digital Twin alignment to the business model
  • Unit monitoring with better decisions, faster

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