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Improving upstream production efficiency with field wide models


1 hour

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A major challenge in upstream production has now been solved successfully. Matching well deliverability to topside power generation and compressor availability is the true key to optimizing wellhead production into systems such as FPSOs.

The webinar will detail the challenge, the architecture of the digital twin solution used and the value attained with an example of a “self-powered” FPSO that has processing capacity of 90,000 b/d of oil, associated fuel gas handling and limits on treated water injection rates. The result is measured in tens of millions of dollars per year and zero capital investment. Key learnings in the webinar are:

  • Construction & deployment of field wide digital twin models
  • Optimization opportunities balancing power & production in offshore systems
  • Approach to using field wide models in operations

Process digital twins are now breaking new ground in field wide optimization and a clear example will be shown in the webinar.

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