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How to use the cloud to realize the potential of your plant and your people


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Digital technology has transitioned from having potential to being an essential element in competitive advantage. The Cloud offers collaboration and is an enabler for the next generation of digital tools. Old challenges, such as data quality or employee skills, need to be overcome before new technologies can change the world, but Cloud services and using old technologies in new ways can address these problems and make that future vision today’s reality

Join our webinar with Tim Shire, KBC’s Co-Pilot Program Manager, where he’ll outline how a synergy of cloud data sharing, process simulation, human expertise and analytics can help:

  • Improve operational performance
  • Avoid and mitigate unit health issues
  • Close the gaps between planned and actual performance
  • Develop the capabilities and knowledge of the site team

The webinar will explore how KBC’s new Co-Pilot cloud-based service will maximize the potential from your facility. Just as the co-pilot of an aircraft is there to assist the pilot with additional knowledge and to step in and help at times of intense activity, the KBC Co-Pilot is there to remotely support your facility with our expertise, insight and technology.

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Improving energy and sustainability with cloud-based services

A Co-Pilot in the Cloud enables collaboration between process plants and service providers to improve operations.


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