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Good digitalization bad digitalization


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With everything in life there are good versions and bad versions and sometimes ugly versions! Digital Transformations are no different and we have seen our fair share of good and bad.

It is time to take a step back and dissect some Digital Transformation projects and see if there are commonalities across different industries, including the energy sector, that characterize a good Digital Transformation vs a bad one. We will start with an infamous example from the hire car industry, pause to reflect how Formula 1 racing does it, and then look at some good and bad examples from our very own hydrocarbon sector.

Taking learnings from all the sectors the webinar will:

  • suggest a good agile structure to follow to apply plan-do-check-act to a Digital Transformation project in the hydrocarbon sector and the value that can be obtained.
  • examine successes and failures in the hydrocarbon supply chain and suggest the highest value starting places in our industry for these types of projects where success breeds success, and it will soon multiply and grow to an asset wide transformation.

The key question is people, processes, technology or steel? Or are we asking the right questions at all?

Join us for a lively fireside chat from London on Good Digitalization, Bad Digitalization!

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