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Digitalize inventory monitoring and reduce supplier, production and transportation costs


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Managing chemical inventories is always challenging, more so now as plants are not fully staffed, access to outside workers is limited, and travel is increasingly difficult. Remote operation has become a necessity in how we work.

Production excellence is heavily dependent on robust supply chain management; assets and their supply chains share a symbiotic co-existence. Changes to one affect the other. Many things in the supply chain can’t be changed, but they can be accommodated for in production IF there’s awareness and visibility of the constraints.

Manual inventory data gathering can lead to inaccurate and out-of-date data, production, operations and transportation issues. Furthermore, delays in realizing the data issues and then decision-making to fix the issues can exacerbate the situation.

Through digitalizing the process you can achieve real time, accurate and actionable inventory data that’s available to the consumer, supplier and transportation manager helping to improve efficiencies, increase safety and optimize the supply chain.

WebVMI provides high quality, actionable data allowing companies, suppliers and transportation to manage their bulk raw material supply. In this webinar we'll cover:

  • Key challenges of managing inventories from three perspectives: the chemical consumer, the supplier and the transportation manager
  • How you can begin your digital transformation
  • What you can gain from implementing a vendor-managed inventory solution
  • How you can retain your customers with improved service offerings
  • How to take risk out of your supply chain

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