Beyond cubic EoS - A new high accuracy model for water in multiphase systems

October 28, 2020 11am GST | 3pm AWST | 4pm JST & 9am CDT | 2pm GMT 1 hour Free

Cubic EoS (equations of state) are widely used as they have a wide applicability and excellent accuracy for most of the relevant properties. As operating envelopes are pushed and cost control is becoming ever more stringent, cubic EoS show limitations especially in the prediction properties such as compressibility, speed of sound, heat capacity, Joule-Thompson coefficients etc. Inaccuracy in the evaluation of these quantities may potentially result in exceeded design pressures and wrong sizing of the facilities.

Our analysis shows, for instance, that the “out of the box” thermodynamic and flow models can give reasonable temperature predictions, but significantly over-predict pressure increases in comparison with the measured field data. A manual correction through some standard methods would allow recovering some accuracy, but is normally not practical and not applicable on a wide scale.

Join this webinar where we'll explore:

  • The pressure variations of a lean MEG filled subsea system resulting from seawater temperature swings
  • The introduction of a high accuracy EoS developed in Multiflash® to provide accurate liquid properties
  • The impact of the estimation of physical properties in the design of process and production equipment


  • Alessandro Speranza, PVT Technology Product Champion from KBC
  • Stephanie Cicchini, Flow Assurance Consultant from Wood Plc

This webinar will be live in two timezones. Please register for the one most convenient for you.

Register for APAC and Middle East webinar 11am GST | 3pm AWST | 4pm JST

Register for US and European webinar 9am CDT | 2pm GMT

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