AFPM Summit goes virtual

August 25-27, 2020 8am-6pm 3 days

KBC is an exhibitor at this year's summit and participating as a panelist for the discussion on Mass Balance Challenges and delivering a workshop on Dynamic Real-Time Optimizer.

26th August 3:30 pm EDT - Panel Session: Improve Decision Making with Improved Mass Balance

KBC Panelist: Bill Fairleigh, Senior Staff Consultant

The panel will address both site-wide accounting for Yield, Loss and Energy Accounting as well as Process Mass Balances for Planning Model Updates and Process Performance Monitoring.

27th August 11 am EDT - Workshop: RT-OP Dynamic Real Time Optimizer

Speaker: Brian Burgio, APC Program Manager

Key Takeaways:

  • Siloed human interactions significantly negate the benefits of technological advances
  • Value sustainment needs disruption, not only in technology/data but also from people and organizational alignment standpoints
  • Enhanced outcomes include consistent operations, bigger margin benefits, quicker responses

Presentation: Are We Ahead of a Slow Change or Facing a Turbulent Energy Transition

Speaker: Andrew McIntee

27th August 3 pm EDT - Presentation: FCC 201: Operational Changes with FCC Model Runs

Speaker: Paul Haugseth, Principal Consultant

Find out more and register at the conference website.

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