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Transforming Decision Making in Scheduling of Terminal Operations


40 mins

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Terminals are mission critical assets for effecting mass transfers, exploiting arbitrage opportunities, blending, mopping up errors and inaccuracies in supply chain planning, amongst others, across the hydrocarbon processing value chain.

Effective scheduling of terminal operations is required to handle timing, sizing, allocation and sequencing decisions involved in connecting the “”ideal”” (production plan) to the “”real world”” (the operation), with its various subtleties, nuances and non-linearities. Complex decision-making is required to make money. It involves the development of a detailed (executable) plan that is able to implement the operations strategy from the planning process, running the asset(s) up against physical and logistical constraints. As a result, schedulers must deal with a large number of inter-related alternatives with high implications in business performance. Wrong moves in the decision chain can set the execution path towards costly disruptions. Only through combinatorial optimization algorithms can this complexity be simplified.

This webinar with Enrique Salomone, Supply Chain Scheduling Expert, will show:

  • How these algorithms can be incorporated into practical business applications and made available to extend the capabilities of scheduling personnel way beyond what can be achieved with current methods
  • The value captured and how it is achieved will be demonstrated using actual applications in LNG Regasification, Crude Oil Supply and Primary Distribution operations.

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