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The Future of Process Simulation in a Digital World


January 28, 2021

10 am GMT | 2 pm GST

30 mins

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Look how far we have come with process simulation from the early days of the 1970s until today. The speed and power of Process Simulation has been approximately doubling every five to seven years since those early days (if you bought the right one!).

Our abilities to model almost anything and achieve complete, full asset models is quite staggering. So, the question is: what is next for Process Simulation? Has it seen it’s ‘hay day’ or is it a technology only just coming to its period of greatest prosperity. What will the next generation of Process Simulators do?

In this conversation style webinar, with a 30-year world renowned veteran of the modeling world, we will paint a picture of one vision of that future with some quite startling revelations of just what might be. This session will be highly interactive with audience participation including polls, questions & ideas. Attend this webinar and be part of the Process Simulation revolution or just be entertained for a 30 minute coffee break!

Please feel free to send your ideas of the future of Process Simulation for discussion to and influence the agenda of this meeting and the whole industry!

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