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Scheduling Problems in the Hydrocarbon Supply Chain


42 mins

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Scheduling problems arise in a wide variety of industrial environments in the context of operational short-term highly detailed decision-making processes. The solution to these scheduling problems consists in generating timelines for resources. These timelines organize the execution of tasks over time, taking into account the characteristics of the environment, operational constraints, and the need to lower costs. This webinar presents a subset of scheduling problems commonly arising in the Hydrocarbon supply chain: Ship terminal operations scheduling, feedstock supply scheduling, detailed blend scheduling and pipeline scheduling. The solution to these problems require great coordination and solving them is computationally difficult due to their combinatorial nature. This webinar makes a fresh introduction to the combinatorial problem through common real-life examples.

All the concepts presented give an idea of why appropriate scheduling support tools are required, including not only technical capabilities to reach good-quality schedules, but also friendly interfaces to help schedulers in their daily job.

In this webinar you will learn about:

  • Inherent characteristics addressed in scheduling problems in Hydrocarbon supply chains.
  • The combinatorial nature of the crude oil supply scheduling problems.
  • How Visual MESA Supply Chain Scheduling supports decision makers.
  • Real-world case studies.

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