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Introduction to DC-SIM: Optimizing a Delayed Coker


1 hour

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Delayed coking is a key process used in many refineries to convert residual streams to more commercially viable products. However, optimizing a Delayed Coker is difficult due to the uncertainty generated by the scarcity of plant and laboratory measurements.

DC-SIM, KBC's kinetic model simulator for delayed coking, allows users to perform mass and energy balances around the unit and reconcile that data. This is particularly important, since coker units are among the ones with least plant measurements, therefore this rigorous tool allows users to gain confidence on the available data.

Coupled with KBC’s coker furnace technology, DC-SIM has been used to study steam injection, velocity gasoil and feed quality impact on the coker heater fouling. Decreasing the coke deposition leads to increases in the heater operating times and therefore reduces the time the unit is out of service.

Join this webinar to learn the benefits of DC-SIM and the basic capabilities including:

  • mass balance
  • reconciliation
  • optimization
  • performing what if scenarios
  • creating LP vectors

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