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Will low complexity fuel oil producing refineries survive with the new IMO regulation?

Compliance with the new IMO 2020 regulation is less than three years away, but currently a wait-and-see approach has developed with ship owners. The shipping industry believes that compliant fuels will be available to meet the IMO requirements moving the challenge from the shippers to the refinery. Refiners are battling many issues which makes focusing on the IMO ruling more challenging and impacts their ability to make sustainable margin going forward. KBC believes that refineries need to adapt to this change or risk going out of business permanently.

Watch the webinar to hear one of our Principal Consultants who will:

  • Give KBC's long term view of how the refining market will change following the adoption of the IMO 2020 regulation
  • Explore KBC's analysis of the response scenarios for refiners to meet and maximize the opportunity provided within this regulation change
  • Discuss potential market and capacity shifts
  • Share strategies already under consideration by refineries
  • Recommend a course of action to determine how and when you should respond
Webinar: Identifying your best option to respond to IMO 2020
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