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The ABC of KBC

We're in tune with the Energy and Chemical industry because we emerged from the industry. We thrive on tackling the challenges facing our industry.

We attract the best and brightest, fusing technology with talent to deliver superior results, sustained.

We respect the past by handing on our decades of knowledge to the future. We embrace a new generation of digital natives with new technologies and business models.

We create and sustain value by effectively implementing leading best practices and technology, powered by the cloud.

Our customers achieve operating performance that surpasses ordinary standards, now and into the future.

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Working with us 


We live excellence in all we create and in all the services we deliver. We leave a sustainable legacy of operational excellence among our customers.

Located in 23 principal offices around the world, KBC speaks your language. We understand the unique situation of your business and can tailor advice and solutions that consider your specific market conditions, regulations, resource constraints and practices.

We have strategic partnerships with well-known industry players and together we bring best-in-class capabilities to provide increasing business value and build long term relationships with our customers.

Our industries


We address challenges across upstream, midstream and downstream oil and gas, chemicals and power. 

Our industry is geo-politically sensitive, capital intensive and entails high commercial and physical risk. It is essential that our customers achieve the best possible return on capital employed.

We are focused on effectively converting your strategy to results through technical and commercial excellence, underpinned by engineering simulation and analytics, systematized through operational technology and IT, all powered by the cloud.

Our solutions deliver safe, reliable and profitable operations which lower your costs and capital employed, maximize revenues, produce better results more reliably, make you more competitive and improve your ability to grow market share.

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KBC founded in London, UK by Krikor Krikorian, John Brice and Peter Close

Early offerings involve oil refinery yield and energy efficiency optimization

KBC founded in London, UK by Krikor Krikorian, John Brice and Peter Close


Release of Distop, KBC’s first major simulation software package for distillation processes. Followed shortly by Vistop for visbreaking and Catop for thermal cracking processes.


First North American office opens in New Orleans

First North American office opens in New Orleans


Launch of Petrofine, KBC’s general process simulation system. Leading to first refinery-wide flowsheets and yield and energy efficiency surveys. First Asia-Pacific office opens in Singapore.


Launch of Sigmafine, KBC’s data reconciliation tool for material balance and accounting. Profit Improvement Programs (PIPs) developed from yield and energy efficiency surveys.


Roll-out of on-site implementation services to sustain benefits identified in PIPs

Roll-out of on-site implementation services to sustain benefits identified in PIPs


Office opens in Calgary, Canada

Office opens in Calgary, Canada


KBC floats on the main market of the London Stock Exchange. Office opens in Breda, The Netherlands. New solutions in plant reliability, availability, maintenance, supply chain planning and scheduling integrated into PIPs.


Profimatics kinetic reactor simulation software acquired from Honeywell. Merged with KBC’s existing reactor models which are then retired. Alliance formed with Hyprotech Ltd to develop HYSYS.Refinery, combining Petrofine with Hyprotech’s HYSYS. Office opens in Tokyo, Japan.


Sigmafine sold to OSIsoft

Sigmafine sold to OSIsoft


Market research company Petroleum Economics Ltd acquired. Linhoff March Ltd (leader in pinch technology) acquired. Office opens in Northwich (Manchester), UK.


Petro-SIM launched for plant-wide steady state and dynamic simulation and optimization. Merged with Petrofine which is then retired.


KBC moves public listing to Alternative Investment Market (AIM) of the London Stock Exchange. TTS Performance Systems Inc (international leaders in consulting, personnel development and operational excellence) acquired. Acquires Veritech Inc (experts in pinch technology) acquired.


Infochem Computer Systems Ltd acquired for PVT and flow assurance modelling software. Petro-SIM released for upstream oil and gas facilities.


FEESA Ltd (a specialized software and services company for pipeline network simulation) acquired.


KBC acquired by Yokogawa Electric Corporation. Industrial Evolution Inc ( IIoT cloud services provider) and Soteica Visual Mesa LLC (utilities real-time optimization, scheduling and yield accounting software) both recently acquired by Yokogawa integrated into KBC. Adds new offices in the USA (Phoenix, AZ and Scituate, MA), Canada (Edmonton, AB) and Argentina (Buenos Aires, Santa Fe and Rosario).


Strategic partnership formed with Baker Hughes – A GE Company. Provides integrated process and operational software solutions to the oil and gas industry using GE’s Predix platform. Petro-SIM integrates with PI System from OSIsoft. Automatically produces PI AF models from Petro-SIM. Launch of KBC Co-Pilot program. Leverages KBC’s strategic and technical consultants using cloud-based digital twin technology to ensure facilities always achieve their full potential. KBC reactor models installed at every single conversion unit for three of the top four US refiners. Partnership formed with Equipsys. Embeds cost estimation tools inside Petro-SIM. Ebullating bed reactor simulation technology acquired from Princeton Process Engineers. Enhances Petro-SIM’s ability to simulate bottom of the barrel conversion processes.



KBC is proud to be a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yokogawa Electric Corporation.  

The integration of KBC’s distinct consulting and software capabilities with Yokogawa’s excellence in the industrial automation field will ensure we continue to deliver superior results for our clients, and that those results are sustained over the long term. With Yokogawa we are able to accelerate our strategy which is centered on making our clients world-class in terms of operational excellence and profitability.

Together we will co-innovate for the future.

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