Sustainability is center stage. It is something we embed in our work and our lives as it enhances us economically, benefits the environment and improves the social aspects of our business. Andy Howell, CEO, has made a statement on behalf of the company to show that we will work and push ourselves and the industries we work with to be more sustainable.

We will continue to ask everyone what difference can you make? How can we make it better? And how can you drive sustainability inside and outside the company?

We have been improving efficiency in our industry for over 40 years. We all feel that KBC has been making a difference, but if we can not measure and improve ourselves then how can we say we are making a difference.

This is a start, but we know we can be better, extend our improvements, refine our methods. But we know that we have to start somewhere and improve as we go progress.

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Who we work with

We are privileged to work with the leaders in the global Energy and Chemical industry - multi-national, national and independent oil companies; integrated petrochemical and chemical producers and distributors; utility power generators and distributors; renewable energy generators and wholesalers.

Case studies

Read in-depth, inspiring stories of our customers and how they are delivering value through innovation.

Success stories

Learn about the projects carried out by our customers and their success stories.

KBC Leadership

Led by CEO Shigeyoshi Uehara, a member of Yokogawa's global management team, our leadership team brings decades of technical and business experience in their area of responsibility. Together they are accountable for excellence inside KBC so our customers can achieve superior results, sustained.

Careers with KBC

People are our most important asset. KBC is all about excellence, making our customers world-class and keeping them there. We do this by recruiting the brightest, most experienced and approachable people and nurturing their talents so that, just like our customers, they can achieve their full potential.

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