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This section gives overviews of projects with KBC's clients in the energy and chemical industry. Here you will summaries of a wide range of different projects that we have delivered for our clients.

We also have more in depth articles in our case studies area.

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Operating cost reduction with day-ahead multi-period optimization

A North American district energy supplier, which provides reliable cooling and heating to 18 medical institutions, had changeable demand and variable supply costs. They needed a tool to better manage their energy assets and lower their operating costs.

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Optimization of capital employed

An independent Middle Eastern oil refining company asked KBC to advise them on inventory management to reduce crude oil and products stocks through the use of international standards and regional benchmarks.

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Process historian-based solution for nuclear power plant emergency preparedness

KBC conducted an assessment of EP (Emergency Preparedness) system requirements, and was selected to complete the full implementation of its proposed solution.

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Realizing OpX supported by digitalization and organizational enablement

We developed and rolled out our operational excellence program for an East Asian refiner experiencing issues with loss prevention, operating efficiency and the alignment of operating practices with the wider corporate plan.

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Real-time data as a corporate asset

KBC was appointed by a US multinational oil company to build an enterprise historian consolidating data across 8 separate on-shore oil field operations. The project objectives were to (1) Create a central system of record for all real-time data to the separate operations could be managed holistically; (2) Improve user confidence in the quality of the data; (3) Ease cross-site access to all data; (4) Enforce a culture and system of data governance to ensure on-going success.

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Refinery conversion to an importing terminal assessment

KBC assessed the technical feasibility and the economics of a refinery conversion to an importing terminal supporting their domestic requirements, and recommend solutions to overcome any potential constraints.

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Refinery planning and reconfiguration

KBC was appointed by a Latin American customer to assist in the planning of a new refinery and the reconfiguration of their existing refineries. The customer's aim was to eliminate fuel oil production, increase transportation fuels and reduce imports of finished products.

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Reliability availability and maintenance consulting

KBC was tasked with implementing maintenance and reliability practices across global operations at a world leading chemical company. The objective of the project was to improve the company’s overall performance and competitive position.

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Safety processes development South America

As part of a larger project, a South American national oil company appointed KBC to design, develop and support a new safety program with the aim of improving the company’s existing safety culture.

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