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This section gives overviews of projects with KBC's clients in the energy and chemical industry. Here you will summaries of a wide range of different projects that we have delivered for our clients.

We also have more in depth articles in our case studies area.

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Grass roots training program

A Japanese government development agency engaged KBC to develop a training program for a new grass roots facility, including associated project timelines and a high-level budgetary estimate. Advice was required on how to approach opening a new facility from scratch, including training and organizational design.

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Hydrate inhibitor assessment with Multiflash

An engineering service company based in Europe appointed KBC to assess hydrate inhibition strategies within an oil flow assurance study in the North Sea. Read our case study to find out how rigorous modeling from our thermodynamics simulation software led to significant savings for this company.

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Improving availability and reducing turnaround costs to increase production and profitability

KBC undertook an extensive assessment of a Japanese multi-site refiner’s Operation Management Systems which identified that on-stream & shutdown maintenance practices was resulting in a loss of availability due to short turnaround cycle length and long duration of Turnarounds. KBC applied our TOP™ methodology over three sites to improve stakeholder alignment, organizational change as well as challenge scope and conduct schedule optimization.

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Integrated end-to-end supply chain simulation

A petrochemical complex in South East Asia required a tool that was able to represent the entire supply chain from raw materials receipt to products dispatch. This comprised of over 50 tanks, a complex processing scheme of more than 30 process units and receipts and shipments through pipelines, ships and trucks. Find out how our supply chain software greatly improved this complex.

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Integrated utility OT meets IT

A major integrated US power utility needed to integrate systems across the enterprise and gain the benefits of merging operational data with advanced analytics and visualization tools.

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Production accounting: Mass balance and data reconciliation

ANCAP, the national oil company of Uruguay, approached KBC as they were looking to replace their obsolete production accounting systems. The new system would need to cover ANCAP’s hydrocarbon business consisting of a crude oil reception terminal with a total capacity of 536,000 m3, an oil refinery with a capacity of 50,000 b/d and 6 distribution plants for refined oil products located strategically throughout the country.

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Natural gas pipeline operator uses data sharing cloud service to attract and retain customers

By making all data, documents and reports available for each put-in or take-off point along their natural gas pipeline, our customer markets itself as the most friendly option for potential and existing customers for their 20,000-mile system along the US Gulf Coast and Mississippi River.

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Offshore deepwater oil well operator shares data in real-time with JV partners

Most deepwater oil fields are organized as joint ventures to mitigate the financial risk of exploring and operating what is often over a multi-billion dollar investment. Our customer, a multi-national oil company operating in the Gulf of Mexico, was looking for a service-based model for sharing data with their non-operating JV partners that they were gathering from fields they operated. They similarly wanted the same service-based solution to receive data from the operator of fields in which they were the non-operating partner.

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Offshore installation and training management development

In support of a new offshore facility in the North Sea, KBC was appointed by a major oil company to develop a training management system and supporting process-specific training materials.

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