Shane Fitzsimmons

Principal Consultant

Expert in: Business Model Design, Change Management, Competency Based Operational Readiness

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About Shane

I lead our Strategy and Digital Transformation business in helping clients achieve their strategic objectives to increase production efficiency with the highest reliability and safest operations.  Newest technologies and capabilities are driving the opportunities to transform the energy and other asset intensive businesses that have historically relied on manpower and functional organizations for operations.  Not every investment is economic or meets company objectives, so a robust business case is required to support the transformation.  This requires, strategy, finance, and technical capabilities to mitigate the risks of change.  My career has always been at the intersection of these functions helping with business improvement and value creation. 

A successful Digital Transformation is required to future proof your business model.  Our industries are facing great changes in the workforce that requires more automation to cover for the skills that are retiring and are difficult to replace.  What is the right mix of asset and technology investment that delivers the highest returns?  How to meet the challenges of change resistance to new technologies that increases the scale of technical talent? 

Achieving minimal field operations is prevalent in onshore and offshore Upstream Oil and Gas.  The same technologies (and emerging technologies) are applicable to all asset intensive industries to increase automation and achieve near autonomous operations.  Robust analytical models and digital twins enables your company to leverage your existing technical talent and gain scale efficiencies.  The purpose is to change your infrastructure to assimualte the central nervous system that captures data from the “skin”, analyses and interprets that data in the “brain” and enable faster, more precise and more actionable decision make to capture value. 

Our approach is start with understand the strategy and market influences that are the drivers of change and articulate an achievable aspirational target.  We then assess the asset and technology infrastructure and organizational capabilities to determine the course of transformation to realize the aspirational goal.  We build a business case and start to design the new business model.  In the implementation phase, we ensure there is proven readiness criteria in place before moving to the next phase of implementation. 

Outside of work I'm a keen golfer and enjoy swimming and running.