Sanjay Bhargava

Principal Consultant

Expert in: Process Performance Improvement (Profit Improvement, Process Yield and Energy, Supply Chain, Capacity Expansion and Utilization, Feasibility, Oil Loss, Decarbonization and Digitalization)

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About Sanjay

I am leading the business development of designing performance improvement solutions via KBC’s flagship Profit Improvement Program (PIP).  I, then, ensure delivery by actively assisting the teams in the execution of the PIP as the Project Executive.  At KBC, I have mainly focused on PIPs for over 30 years as I believe the step change in the performance improvement from these programs has a deep and immediate effect on increasing profitability, productivity and efficiency of the refineries. This change helps my clients make the best use of our limited natural resources safely and efficiently while minimizing environmental impact of climate change. Further, I believe the improvement in profitability allows refiners to invest in future projects needed to stay in business, both from a return on capital standpoint and a regulatory standpoint.

I have worked on KBC’s Profit Improvement Programs in over 50 PIPs worldwide in various capacities as a Simulation Expert, Subject Matter Expert in PIP/FCCs/Hydroprocessing/Alkylation/Energy/Aromatics/Implementation, Project Manager and now as Project Executive.  I have managed and implemented projects focused on yield improvement, energy reduction, supply chain, reliability improvement, feasibility studies for capital expansion, business transformation and digital transformation in refineries, petrochemicals and midstream gas plants.  I am also helping develop KBC’s decarbonization program.

Profit Improvement Programs will continue to play a major role in the future and it is more important now since the industry will need the money to make massive investments as it makes its energy transition to Net Zero GHG emissions by 2030-2050.  Investments by refiners will be required in decarbonization (carbon capture, carbon storage, electrification, renewables) for regulatory survival and digitalization profit improvement for economic survival. Only the most profitable companies will have the finances to make the necessary investment to stay in business in this environment. 

When I'm not working I enjoy meditation, tennis, golf, swimming, and personal wealth management.