Aleix Carrillo

Energy Transition Technology Solutions Leader

Expert in: Energy Transition, Decarbonization, Business Management

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About Aleix

I am a results driven business leader with over 17 years of international experience, working with multi-cultural teams across the world. With strong analytical and planning capabilities, I successfully implement companies’ strategies by developing plans and tangible targets to grow business revenues. Having lived in several international locations, with the past four years being in Singapore and now in Barcelona, I have a global perspective of the worldwide challenges the Energy Transition represents for our customers and our future. 

Passionate about the Energy Transition and current climate challenges, my experience in the Oil & Gas industry includes bringing value to our customers through digital solutions, consulting services and software applications for process, energy and emissions optimization. An optimist and fact focused by nature, I aspire to have a meaningful impact within the industry by supporting our clients in their decarbonization journey with the combined application of technologies and consulting services.

While I thrive working with our customers and trying to do my bit in making our world better, when I am not at work I most enjoy being with my family, reading a good book and cooking. However, those who really know me will say that I am really thrilled when training and playing a good tennis match.