Petro-SIM 7.4 Software to Streamline Hydrocarbon Processes

Sep 27, 2023  

Single solution ensures economic viability with environmental responsibility

KBC (A Yokogawa Company) announces the launch of Petro-SIM® 7.4 simulation software for the oil and gas, renewables, and process industries. With its versatility, this digital twin platform meets the diverse needs of the entire hydrocarbon value chain. This includes downstream refineries, petrochemical manufacturers, upstream operators, LNG plants, EPC firms, and consulting companies aiming to reduce Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions while optimizing production and energy use with an affordable process simulator.

As process industries aim to reduce emissions, they face numerous challenges such as managing complex supply chains. According to Soni Malik, Product Management Senior Consultant, “We specialize in creating, managing, and optimizing integrated processes and assets. To assist the hydrocarbon supply chain through their energy transition while optimizing profitability, we combine robust digital twin technologies with advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, and cloud solutions.

The key features and benefits of Petro-SIM 7.4 software include:

  • New water electrolyser unit operation models alkaline, PEM and SOEC type electrolysers to enable efficient design and optimal operation of green hydrogen production processes. The electrolyser can also be monitored and optimized to control excessive energy use while sizing equipment, providing warnings, and recommending alternative operating strategies.
  • Improved DHTR-SIM® (renewable mode) supports isomerization processes to improve cold flow properties using more diversified renewable feeds for sustainable aviation fuel production modeling.
  • Enhanced assay work up tools add reconciliation and PNA profiling capabilities to improve the detailed representation of naphtha cuts for any crude assay, leading to precise and reliable assay synthesis for better operational efficiency and decision making.
  • Improved polymer modeling allows users to optimize the entire petrochemical-polymer-plastic recycling process within a circular economy framework.
  • Other technical updates to the software aim to automate the entire value chain to streamline operations, boost productivity, and flexibility. Additionally, it supports an integrated model that manages emissions to ensure compliance and optimize sustainability.

By garnering the right data, the Petro-SIM 7.4 simulator empowers users to improve efficiency and problem-solving ability in production management. With its enhanced capabilities bridging the gap between virtual simulations and real-world scenarios, process industries can unlock new possibilities for growth and more effective management of ESG strategies by achieving unparalleled synergies between people, processes, and advanced technologies.

To find out more about Petro-SIM 7.4 simulation software, please contact us.