Maximus 7.5 Software Optimizes Upstream Oil and Gas Operations

May 20, 2024  

Multiphase flow technology enhances sustainability in energy

KBC (A Yokogawa Company) announces the launch of Maximus® 7.5 software, a leading multiphase flow technology. This solution enhances modeling of challenging flow assurance cases to prevent the formation of solids such as hydrates, waxes, and asphaltenes, that lead to erosion and corrosion of the pipelines. Catering to production, petroleum and flow assurance engineers, this multiphase flow tool can maximize asset potential while minimizing risks. Designed for upstream oil and gas applications, including carbon capture storage and integrated reservoir and transport facilities, Maximus 7.5 software optimizes design and operations for sustainable energy projects.

The European Gas Pipeline Incident Data Group reports a spike in the failure rate caused by corrosion damage in pipes from 16.7% to 26.6%. Globally, this erosion-corrosion exceeds 100 million tons of metal loss annually1, posing significant economic, environmental, and safety risks. To address these challenges, Maximus 7.5 software introduces enhanced capability, including improved representation of University of West Australia hydrate model results, and comprehensive reporting to maintain pipeline integrity and boost profitability.

Other key features of Maximus 7.5 software include:

  • Auto-tuning of flow correlations Efficiently tunes known pressure drops to specific pipelines. This feature significantly reduces the time to match field conditions and thus provides a solid foundation for any future analysis.
  • New Event Configurator Configures complex events using a menu-driven approach. It empowers users to optimize design and operating strategies, leading to lower production costs while minimizing errors during model setup.

  • Enhanced GIS functionality Reduces processing times that expedite decision-making.

  • New OLGAS (flow model) deployment mechanism Provides free access to OLGAS, which grants insight into key operational variables, such as liquid distribution, pipeline pressures and temperatures, flow rates, and holdup profiles, when the module is acquired directly from SLB.

According to Dr. Kevin Wade, Maximus Product Manager, "This new version offers flexibility in modeling applications, ranging from single well sensitivity analysis to multi-facility simulations across an entire field. With additional optimizers, Maximus 7.5 software ensures users meet precise energy requirements, minimize energy use to maintain single-phase conditions, and optimize overall performance."

Maximus 7.5 software guarantees multiphase flow simulation, enabling effective management of uncertainties to achieve production targets at reduced costs and improved operating profits.

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