Maximus 7.4 Software to Power Production Efficiency and Decarbonization Projects

Sep 07, 2023  

Simulation optimizes asset performance within the oil and gas industry 

KBC (A Yokogawa Company) announces the launch of Maximus® 7.4 software, a multiphase flow tool that simulates thermohydraulic conditions for the entire asset, over the life of the field. This technology improves design and operational capabilities for sustainable energy projects, including carbon capture and storage (CCS) applications. Maximus 7.4 flow assurance software is equipped with integrated production modeling capabilities that help production engineers optimize design and operational strategies to improve decision-making, asset performance, and profits while reducing risks. 

Maximus 7.4 software assesses production risks such as solid formations (hydrates, waxes, asphaltenes, and scales) as well as facility erosion or corrosion. According to Kevin Wade, Maximus Product Manager, “We’re working with Caltec Production Solutions Ltd, UK and researchers at the University of West Australia (UWA) to make our technology even better.” These advancements allow engineers to assess options, perform ‘what if’ analyses, compare operating scenarios and design choices on demand to ensure optimal performance while staying inside the operating envelope. Currently, a lack of integration between engineering and simulation tools may cause production forecasting errors once the project moves from engineering to operations.

The new and enhanced core features in Maximus 7.4 software include:

  • New hydrates guardian tool predicts hydrates blockage growth at current or forecasted operating conditions based on research within the UWA.
  • Upgraded customized and optimized engineering workflows that now model surface jet pumps (SJP), also known as eductors, jet compressors or ejectors, to improve production efficiency, reduce flaring, and prolong field life in collaboration with Caltec. With this new SJP tool, users can evaluate production-boosting options using high-pressure fluid sources to reactivate dead or weak low-pressure fields/wells and avoid potentially expensive conventional alternatives.
  • Improved compositional modeling seamlessly integrates Multiflash technology into Maximus software, enabling precise simulation of complex fluid flows for hydrogen, geothermal energy, LNG, and CCS, as well as oil and gas production and transport.
  • Enhanced history matching mirrors more accurate production profiles to predict the asset's evolution over the life of the field.
  • Improved events management adjusts facility design and operational strategies accordingly as the asset changes.

By optimizing operations and field development strategies, Maximus 7.4 technology helps engineers unlock the full potential of their assets to achieve production targets at a lower cost while improving operating profits and reducing their carbon footprint. 

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