KBC Acuity Industrial Cloud Suite for Digital Transformation

Oct 25, 2023  

Real-time data, advanced analytics, and system optimization benefit process industries

KBC (A Yokogawa Company) announces the launch of KBC Acuity™ Industrial Cloud Suite, which will serve as the new umbrella for cloud delivery of KBC’s software and solutions. This product aims to align KBC’s diverse portfolio of technology and services with solving challenges related to energy transition, process optimization, value chain optimization, and asset management. It focuses on the process industries including oil and gas, petrochemicals, and refining. Through offering secure access to real-time operating data and advanced analytics, KBC Acuity Industrial Cloud Suite facilitates deployment of an integrated software as a service solution to accelerate business processes digitalization, optimize production, and reduce costs.

Powered by the Yokogawa Cloud Platform, the key features and benefits of Acuity Industrial Cloud Suite are: 

  • Data management provides a centralized platform to shape the large amount of data generated from production operations into valuable insights.
  • Single pane of glass visualizes the analyzed data and results on one screen, which is critical to improve the user’s productivity as searching and calculating data can occupy 70 percent of their time.
  • Analytics tooling processes data in real-time or near-real-time, then augments it with smart alerts, basic and advanced analytics, simulation tools, and AI/ML data science to facilitate decision making.
  • Alerts management and framework provides early warnings of production anomalies in near real-time.
  • Native integration with KBC’s simulation software solutions - Petro-SIM®, Maximus®, Multiflash®, and Visual MESA® - for scalability and simplifying complex solutions.

The initial release of KBC Acuity Industrial Cloud Suite comprises the Operations Monitoring family that targets upstream operations in the oil and gas industry. It delivers a wide range of functionalities for remote monitoring, validation of production data, and digital twin delivery. The goal is to support customers and suppliers by streamlining data collection and providing self-service reporting of analytics, particularly for upstream producers and other applications where sharing large amounts of production data between business partners is required.  

According to Shigeyoshi Uehara, CEO of KBC, “We have listened to our customers' needs as they navigate their digital transformation and decarbonization journeys. Their feedback underscores the desire for increased data value, advanced analytics for smarter decisions, streamlined processes, increased productivity, heightened profitability, and reduced emissions. Drawing upon over two decades of secure cloud service expertise, deep industry knowledge, and state-of-the-art simulation engines, we have developed the KBC Acuity Industrial Cloud Suite to deliver our technology and services that empower you to succeed in digital transformation.”

Many organizations strive to leverage advanced analytics and simplified workflows to empower their engineering and operations teams to make better decisions and boost value. KBC’s simulation technologies can help them shape their future where production disruptions are proactively addressed, efficiencies are maximized, and operations attain an unprecedented level of precision and control. 

To find out more about the KBC Acuity Industrial Cloud Suite and its family of solutions, please contact us.