KBC Announces Partnership with MySep to Improve Process Separator Performance in the Oil & Gas Industry

Feb 23, 2021  

Integration of MySep and KBC’s Petro-SIM® reduces Capex and operational costs.

KBC (A Yokogawa Company) announces a partnership with MySep to deliver accurate and consistent results in separation of fluids into their oil, gas and water components for production facility process phase design, operation, and performance. The integration of MySep’s separation technology with KBC’s Petro-SIM simulation software eliminates over-reliance on vendors for vessel sizing and/or vessel performance estimates. Petro-SIM users can now obtain MySep’s separation capabilities from the same source.

Separation expertise is sparse in most oil companies and EPC contractors. The industry suffers from many disparate and unvalidated design engineering practices for vessels and separation internals. This leads to unhealthy reliance on equipment vendors in green field design and facility revamp projects. Without access to reliable sizing and performance prediction technology, asset owners and operators, as well as their contractors, risk project delays, breaches of equipment performance guarantees and reduced operational reliability.

The new alliance makes optimum separator design and operation accessible to a wider proportion of the industry.

MySep’s standing in the industry is testament to its ability to guide the designer to reliable separation configurations and to confidently predict the effects of stream flows, composition and operating conditions. The MySep Studio module has become the process engineering software tool of choice for rapid design, evaluation, and simulation of separation vessels. The MySep Engine module enables native incorporation of rigorous gas-liquid separation modeling into dynamic and steady state process simulation flowsheets.

Petro-SIM is the leading system-wide process simulation and optimization technology for upstream and downstream oil and gas asset design, performance optimization, and digital twin creation. Through the bi-directional links between Petro-SIM and MySep Studio, process engineers will be able to avoid poor design practice and optimize existing facility operations faster and more accurately. By integrating MySep Engine with Petro-SIM models, the overall accuracy of the asset-wide simulation heat and material balance is enhanced.

“Poor separator design causes excessive carry-over of liquid from separation vessels resulting in rapid or progressive damage to downstream compressors, contactors, and other pre-treatment facilities,” said Russell Byfield, KBC Global Simulation Business Leader. “This leads to extended and/or unplanned shutdowns causing operational losses, which can be significantly reduced by using MySep products integrated with Petro-SIM.”

“We greatly respect the capabilities of Petro-SIM in modeling upstream and downstream systems,” said Guy Hellinx, Director and Co-Founder of MySep. “We are delighted with this partnership with KBC and look forward to demonstrating the growing number of applications where MySep and Petro-SIM can create significant value for asset owners and operators.”

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