Predictive Software Solution to Mitigate Corrosion and Scaling Problems Across the Oil and Gas Industry

Jun 03, 2020  

Petro-SIM® and the OLI Alliance Engine digital twin mitigates operational risk, increases efficiency, and prevents revenue loss.

KBC (A Yokogawa Company) is extending its Petro-SIM simulation capabilities through its partnership with OLI Systems, the leader in electrolyte thermodynamics and physical property modeling. The combined software solution will provide the ability to create a system-wide electrolyte digital twin of entire assets. The digital twin will provide real-time prediction of corrosion, scaling, and fouling for upstream oil and gas producers, oil refiners and petrochemical plants, enabling operators to enhance asset safety, reliability and profitability.

According to NACE, the worldwide corrosion authority, corrosion has caused the upstream offshore production and refining industries USD 65 billion/year in financial loss. They recommend that operators implement a corrosion management system, which can reduce the cost of corrosive damage by 15-35%. Incorporating a rigorous, asset-wide predictive digital twin is vital for achieving these reductions.

The integration of the OLI Alliance Engine v10 with Petro-SIM v7.1 will allow engineers to simulate entire seawater containing systems where corrosion and scaling commonly occur. The asset-wide electrolyte digital twin will predict the formation of solids that cause fouling in heat exchangers, scaling in process lines, and corrosion problems throughout process units.

“We are excited to launch Petro-SIM 7.1 integrated with the OLI Alliance Engine”, said Russell Byfield, KBC Global Simulation Business Leader. “The tools that engineers often use in energy, petroleum, and chemical facilities lack the capability to reliably determine corrosion, scaling or fouling issues, in real-time, on an ongoing basis. Operators are unaware of the extent of the problem until it is too late. This partnership will help our customers to accurately see the issues throughout the plant, delivering both top- and bottom-line benefits.”

"OLI Systems prides itself on delivering solutions that address some of the most complex electrolyte chemistry challenges in the process industries”, said Vineeth Ram, Chief Revenue Officer of OLI Systems Inc. “The integration of the OLI Alliance Engine with Petro-SIM will allow our clients to increase operational efficiency, sustainability and engineering productivity with rigorous and accurate model predictions across their entire process."

Petro-SIM 7.1 with the OLI Alliance Engine is now available. Contact us to find out more.