Enhanced Maximus Release Sets a New Standard in Upstream Flow and Production Assurance

Jul 28, 2020  

Latest version of KBC’s production modeling software bridges the gap between field planning and flow assurance.

KBC (A Yokogawa Company) announces the release of Maximus® 7.1 flow assurance and life of field simulation software that provides network simulations from reservoir to processing facilities. Maximus helps oil production and transport operators maintain production levels, protect plant assets, and minimize operating expenses and downtime.

Flow assurance and flow instability represent a major concern for oil and gas operators. The build-up of solids can cause excessive downtime or unexpected shutdowns that cause production loss. In periods of low prices, asset profitability is critical to maintain production targets.

The new features in Maximus 7.1 makes it easier for operators to mitigate these issues in production and transport networks as well as in a wide range of processing equipment.

The new version expands its multi-threading capabilities which allows additional parallel scenario simulations. It also automates workflows, eliminating the need for multiple calculations. Engineers save time by automatically assessing the risk of hydrate and asphaltene formation. They can now design multiple solutions and create operating strategies that adapt to the continuous and often unexpected changes in the reservoir.

A new cool-down time calculator in Maximus 7.1 informs operators on how temperature drop may affect the facilities during a shutdown. This allows designers to rapidly assess design options to align with the operating strategy, minimizing time to production and reducing capital costs, while still managing risks.

“We are excited to launch Maximus 7.1,” said Alessandro Speranza, Maximus Product Manager. “Maximus supports engineers in their quest for the most efficient solution and operating strategy.

The ability to interface simulation models to live data-streams or other simulators provides an open platform for a more effective integration of the disciplines. The result is a holistic approach to asset design and management.”

Maximus 7.1 is available now. Contact us to find out more.