Automated Integrated Production Accounting System Provides Best-in-Class Operations for Complex Industrial Environments

Sep 22, 2020  

KBC releases Visual MESA Production Accounting 4.0 to digitally manage and integrate scheduling and reconciled balance data into corporate systems.

KBC (A Yokogawa Company) announced the release of Visual MESA® Production Accounting 4.0 for yield accounting and data reconciliation in Oil & Gas operations. Visual MESA Production Accounting now integrates with Visual MESA Supply Chain Scheduling to run accounting and scheduling processes, creating a single source of truth between the asset and the supply chain. The combination moves the oil and gas industry towards their digitalization goal of value chain optimization.

Oil & Gas operators have huge value potential from their existing information. However, they currently lose thousands of dollars regularly due to the challenge of managing, tracking, and sustaining site-wide accounting data. The complex processes, poorly integrated workflows, lack of accurate information, and the associate costs for maintenance all play a factor.

Visual MESA Production Accounting 4.0 helps operators to run their business processes in an integrated workflow with other related business areas, such as operational data, scheduling, and corporate IT systems. It automates the capture, balance, and tracking of complex-wide systems to increase efficiency and reduce operating costs by managing, tracking, and generating data sustainably. Visual MESA Production Accounting 4.0 provides the single version of the truth that serves as the foundation for the facility’s hydrocarbon allocation and loss control initiatives.

Visual MESA Production Accounting is now accessible from mobile devices with a new intuitive interface so users can easily access information from anywhere, anytime. Security enhancements ensure users are running auditable production accounting in a secure environment.

“Visual MESA Production Accounting 4.0 is a huge step forward towards this solution being fully available as SaaS in the near future in either public or private clouds,” said Federico Neira, Product Manager, Visual MESA Production Accounting. “We are on the road for customers to reduce their local IT-related maintenance costs to zero with cloud deployment. By integrating engineering knowledge with production accounting, it automatically creates the ‘best in class’ system, allowing industry to capture the huge potential value from digitalization.”

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