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Bottom of The Barrel Conversions: What Does The Future Hold?

May 21, 2019

From a standing-room only presentation given by Mel Larson, Principal Consultant of KBC (A Yokogawa Company), the keynote speaker at RefComm® Galveston 2019.

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KBC Releases Visual MESA Production Accounting 3.7 for Mass Loss Detection

May 17, 2019

KBC releases Visual MESA Production Accounting (VM-PA) 3.7 for hydrocarbon processing and chemical plants. VM-PA models the process and the utilities side of these plants providing a complete solution in one integrated system.

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KBC to Address Mercury-Related Risk in Upstream Processing Via New Partnerships

Apr 03, 2019

Research project will enhance understanding of mercury distribution through hydrocarbon processing systems to improve project economics and reduce exposure to personnel and the environment.

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KBC Supporting South Asia Refiners Address Soaring Energy Demand Growth With the PIP

Mar 07, 2019

Four oil refineries to benefit from enhanced safety, reliability and profitability outcomes, and meet Sustainability Development Goals through program

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Petro-SIM for the PI System Accelerates Digitalization

Feb 26, 2019

KBC Releases Petro-SIM® and Petro-SIM Integrator for the PI System® to Accelerate Digitalization Across The Oil and Gas Industry.

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KBC Releases Petro-SIM 7

Feb 26, 2019

KBC releases Petro-SIM® 7 to disrupt traditional process simulation with exciting developments in the application of science, usability and digitalization. Petro-SIM 7 allows the Energy and Chemical industry to take its first real steps towards digitalization.

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KBC Launches New Release of High-Fidelity Analytics Technology

Feb 04, 2019

Visual MESA Multi-Period Optimizer 6 will reduce costly uncertainty in planning, scheduling and trading of energy over multiple time periods across portfolios of generation assets and different asset classes