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Automated Integrated Production Accounting System Provides Best-in-Class Operations

Sep 22, 2020

KBC releases Visual MESA Production Accounting 4.0 to digitally manage and integrate scheduling and reconciled balance data into corporate systems.

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Value Chain Optimization Manifesto Guides Oil and Gas Industry Back to Profitability

Aug 11, 2020

A blueprint for executives seeking a major step change in profitability through integrated asset and supply chain optimization.

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Energy Management System Enables Real-Time Analysis for Industrial Operations

Aug 04, 2020

Customizable digital twin provides one version of the truth across all energy related operations with automatic scheduling/planning updates, real-time cost optimization, and energy monitoring.

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Enhanced Maximus Sets a New Standard in Upstream Flow and Production Assurance

Jul 28, 2020

Latest version of KBC’s production modeling software bridges the gap between field planning and flow assurance.

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New Digital Twin Technology to Minimize Process Engineering Waste

Jun 10, 2020

KBC’s Petro-SIM® optimizes total cost and ownership value of process simulation models in Oil & Gas and Chemical industries.

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Predictive Software Mitigates USD 65 billion/year Corrosion and Scaling Problems

Jun 03, 2020

Petro-SIM® and the OLI Alliance Engine digital twin mitigates operational risk, increases efficiency, and prevents revenue loss.

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Achieve Digital Transformation and Triple Bottom Line Performance with Digital Twin

Apr 30, 2020

Petro-SIM® connected digital twin to sustain margin improvements and underpin digital transformation activities.

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Safeguarding The World in Which Our Children Will Be Expected to Live and Thrive

Mar 11, 2020

KBC to embrace triple bottom line performance to drive sustainability targets and achieve goals of achieving net-zero emissions, well-being of all and circular economy.

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Partnership with AVGI to Help Oil Refiners Drive Profitable Petrochemical Growth

Aug 26, 2019

KBC is extending its engineering simulation capabilities through a strategic partnership with AVGI, the leading source of simulation and optimization software for modeling olefin technologies.

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Energy Management System For Real-Time Planning Cost Optimization &Energy Monitoring

Jul 30, 2019

Operators can now monitor and automatically optimize energy systems from any internet capable device

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KBC to Boost Triple Bottom Line Performance of Middle East Oil Refineries

Jul 08, 2019

Three oil refineries to benefit from enhanced resilience from KBC’s Profit Improvement Program® amid growing risk of oil demand under-performance

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KBC Receives APS Supplier Excellence Award for Value-Add Relationship

May 30, 2019

KBC recognised for outstanding service and added value as part of the company’s annual Key Supplier Forum & Awards.