KBC Leadership

Led by CEO Shigeyoshi Uehara, a member of Yokogawa's global management team, our leadership team brings decades of technical and business experience in their area of responsibility. Together they are accountable for excellence inside KBC so our customers can achieve their own measure of excellence - superior results, sustained.

Our leadership team

Shigeyoshi Uehara

Chief Executive Officer

Shigeyoshi Uehara has over 25 years’ software development, marketing, and management experience in the process automation industry. This includes six years in a marketing role in the Netherlands, three years as Managing Director in India, three years as General Manager for international systems sales, two years as Vice President for IA products and service business, and two years as Vice President for IA system and service business.

Andrew Howell

Executive Vice President Technology

Andy is responsible for KBC’s technology business and is a member of Yokogawa’s global Digital Enterprise Business Head Quarters Executive Team. He is based in Walton-on-Thames, London, UK. Previously as KBC's CEO, Andy led KBC through its acquisition by Yokogawa and the delisting on the UK AIM exchange. Prior to that, he managed KBC's technology business. He started his career with BP Exploration in the UK, after which he joined Hyprotech where he managed technology development. Following acquisition by Aspentech, he moved to Schlumberger, holding senior management positions related to oil and gas development and production engineering. Andy holds a Masters degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Cambridge, UK and a number of patents in Integrated Asset Modeling and Digitalization. When Andy is not passionately speaking about KBC’s role in sustainability and digitalization in the energy industries he can be found spending his spare time on one of his collection of motorcycles in the English and European countryside!

Mike Aylott

Chief Technology Officer

Mike is responsible for the technical direction of KBC, directly leading our Technology R&D program, for keeping GLT informed on technical matters affecting the company and for technical liaison with Yokogawa. He also heads the Technology Delivery teams, covering Digital, IT and Modelling Services, Support and Training. He is based in Calgary, Canada after many years with KBC in the UK working on designing and building much of process simulation technology that underpins our business. He has experience also across supply chain applications covering planning, scheduling and production accounting and sees this as a ripe area for disruption through new technologies underpinning digital transformation. Prior to joining KBC, Mike was a postgraduate researcher in dynamic process simulation at the University of Edinburgh, building on a degree in Chemical Engineering from Cambridge University. In his spare time Mike can often be found in the kitchen, where he enjoys making the complex appear simple, or in the great outdoors of western Canada.

Andrew Hitch

Head of Global Consulting Delivery

Andrew manages KBC's global consulting delivery team focusing on operational efficiency, quality and value delivery. He is based in the UK. Andrew has over 35 years of experience in Oil & Gas, Utilities and IT Consulting. Having graduated in Chemical Engineering from Manchester University, and roles in process contracting and safety engineering Andrew joined BP Oil International. Over 20 years he held leadership roles in Refinery and Terminal Distribution Technology, UK Supply Operations, and Programme Director Roles delivering Y2K, Sarbanes-Oxley and the Global Oil Trading Credit Risk System. Andrew subsequently worked in commodities trading and utilities before joining Wipro Technologies where he ran the Energy Vertical Transformation & Change function working on programmes in the UK, Toronto and India. Andrew enjoys cycling, hiking, very leisurely tennis doubles and lives in the Chilterns. Having recently climbed Mount Kilimanjaro he is now looking for his next challenge.

Mark Hudson

Executive Vice President, Sales

Mark is responsible for KBC’s global sales, and sales co-ordination with KBC’s parent company, Yokogawa. He is based in London, UK. He started his career with Mobil Oil (now ExxonMobil) in the UK where he held technical, operational and planning positions. Prior to joining KBC he led the refinery scheduling team. Mark started at KBC as a consultant and managed large projects, before moving into business development. He has led sales teams in Europe, Former Soviet Union, Middle East and Africa and most recently the key account management team. Mark holds a degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Surrey, UK. In his spare time, Mark likes to keep fit by cycling and swimming to offset the effects of regular business trips.

Matt Ray

Chief Finance Officer

Matt is responsible for financial management of KBC. He is based in Houston, TX USA. Matt also shares a joint reporting line to Yokogawa financial headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. Matt started his career at Deloitte. He joined Yokogawa North America as Financial Controller. He went on to serve as their CFO for 13 years and has since held global expatriate positions in Tokyo and Singapore. Matt holds a degree in Business from The Citadel, USA, and is a registered Certified Public Accountant. In his spare time, Matt likes to dabble in woodworking, grilling, and debate geo-politics.

Suzanne Scott

Global Human Resources Director

Suzy is responsible for KBC’s global organizational development and HR strategy. She is based in London, UK. Suzy has over 18 years' international HR experience at both strategic and operational level. Prior to joining KBC, she was Director of HR covering Europe, Middle East and Africa for PRG, the world's leading supplier of entertainment and event technology, and has held various HR management roles within the entertainment and retail industries. Suzy is a qualified member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and holds a post graduate diploma in Human Resource Management. In her spare time Suzy enjoys spending time with her family, keeping fit and walking her dogs by the River Thames.

Lourdes Cozzitorto

Vice President, Technology Services

Lourdes leads the technology services group focused on customer success thru excellence in all our deliverables, covering Digital, IT and Modeling Services in addition to technology Support and Training.

She is based in the USA. Lourdes has several years of experience on customer success and different areas of the customer’s lifecycle, having thrived at Services, Product Management, Technical Sales and Business Development roles.

Lourdes holds a MA in Economics from the University of Houston and BA also in Economics from the University of Puerto Rico. If she’s not passionately fighting for her customers, you can find her either at the beach enjoying the sun, or at a baseball game, Go Astros!

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