Standardization of Refinery Flow Meter Compensation Increases Productivity

A major oil refiner had aging technology in multiple plants for calculating their flow meter compensation values. The outdated solution limited engineer visibility to the necessary analytics and required intervention from the Information Technology department to add, update, and remove meters. The result was a lack of immediate control around the solution and dependency on IT resources.

The Challenge

Since the new technology would replace existing applications in the production environment, it was necessary to minimize the impact on the engineers and operators ongoing work.


KBC worked with the refiner to detail requirements for a standardized Flow Meter Compensation application. The company chose to use the OSIsoft platform because of the flexibility the PI Asset Framework provides. Requirements included using standard templates to populate throughout all facilities, standard Units of Measure, and creating a self-service environment for the engineers.

The Results

KBC provided a solution that was a positive change for the operator’s Technology Lifecycle Management. It is a cost-effective solution that is easy to maintain, powerful, and reliable.