Organizational Change Project Positions Oil & Gas Operator for Growth

An Asia Pacific oil and gas exploration operator produced and marketed coal steam gas, liquefied natural gas (LNG), crude oil, and liquid petroleum gas. They were one of four partners in a joint venture. They were in a growth mode and planned to expand from a few hundred wells to about 3,000 operating wells. They were building a new LNG plant as part of this growth strategy.

The Challenge

They wanted to ensure a minimal footprint to adhere to their environmental commitments. To increase their efficiently, they planned to consolidate all remote operating control rooms into one central location. This would provide greater visibility and control of all the fields.


KBC consultants worked with the operator to develop a line of sight plan. The project plan focused on asset development and management of production supply chain, integrity/facility, and reservoir. They developed a clear vision for business success and risk tolerance. They aligned the functional groups within the organization. The organization agreed on one common approach and standardize their processes across the board.

The Results

The KBC team completed the project on time with all components on target for their massive expansion plans. The operator increased their efficiency while upholding their company value of safety.