Integrated Refinery Finds Yearly Savings of USD 200 Million

An operator in Asia was in the process of integrating their refinery with a petrochemical complex that would produce a range of products. They wanted to increase profits by maximizing the petrochemical high value products.

The Challenge

The operator wanted advice in developing the best in class design in terms of operability and flexibility. The objective was to ensure they could plan and execute the project in a smooth, professional, and technically acceptable manner with a reduced work recycle to minimize cost.


KBC planned and executed a design review study. The team bridged the goals and objectives between the various groups into an efficient and streamlined process. The opportunities proposed ranged from design changes for optimization, capital expenditure reduction, operating expense reduction, yield optimization to ideas for potential minor/moderate capital upgrades to improve the complex profitability.

The Results

The KBC team identified economic improvement opportunities and reduction ideas worth USD 400 million among different units, utility, and off sites system by optimizing the overall complex. This included re-designing of the complex power system to improve reliability and reduce operating expenses.